Aluminum Wiring Replacement

In the middle of the 60s and 70s, many residential electrical systems utilized aluminum wires. Today, copper is regularly used because it is superior. Regardless, it is estimated that roughly two million homes were constructed or renovated using aluminum wires. The biggest problem here is the fact that aluminum wire can lead to an immense fire hazard. Once the risk was discovered, they were switched to copper wiring. Still, the problem wasn’t completely eliminated.

Therefore, there is a risk that your home will have aluminum wires. If so, it is wise to fix this problem before it leads to an electrical fire. Call our office to discuss your options with a qualified professional right now.

Aluminum Wiring Fire Hazard

Unfortunately, aluminum wiring can be very dangerous in a home. When this type of wiring is used in a residential structure, the risk of fire is greatly increased. The Consumer Products Safety Commission in the United States claims the risk increases by as much as 50 times when a house has aluminum wiring. Suffice to say, it is always a good idea to switch to aluminum wiring.

A spokesman with the Consumer Product Safety Commission agreed that aluminum wiring presented a serious fire hazard. Furthermore, many homeowners haven’t taken steps to ensure that their homes are safe. If you fit into this category, contact us immediately! We’ll do our best to strip the aluminum wires from your home and replace them with copper wires immediately.

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