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What’s The Cost To Replace Federal Pacific Electric Panel?

Are you worried that your home has a Federal Pacific electrical panel? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. The company created electrical panels for many years. They were first created by Reliance Electric n the middle of the 50s. at the time, they were installed in millions of residences across the country. Homes that are more than … Read more

Tesla Wall Connector Gen 2 Vs Gen 3

Have you been lucky enough to purchase a brand-new or gently used Tesla EV? You’re lucky, but you have a few things to worry about. Remember that your Tesla electric vehicle isn’t going to charge itself. While you can always stop at a nearby charging station, it is a good idea to charge your vehicle … Read more

Signs Of Electrical Problems In Homes In Tacoma, Washington

There is nothing more serious than problems within a residential electrical system. The risk of serious injury, death and a shortened lifespan of appliances are extremely high due to electrical shock and power surges. While it is impossible to avoid all these risks, with the right maintenance strategy, most can be avoided. Most electrical systems … Read more

Humming Noise From Electrical Panel

Have you noticed an unusual noise coming from your electrical panel? Unfortunately, there could be something wrong. If so, you’ll want to deal with the issue promptly. Otherwise, the problem could lead to a house fire or an electrical shock. Today, electrical systems should be efficient and quiet. The electrical panel is responsible for dispersing … Read more

How To Save Money On Your Tacoma Washington Electric Bill

Are you sitting idly by while your electricity bill continues to skyrocket? If so, you are not alone. Some homeowners, tenants, and businesses believe there is nothing that can be done to stop their energy bills from soaring higher. This could not be further from the truth because there are effective interventions. While it may … Read more

How To Hang A Chandelier

Would you like to add elegance and class to your home? You’re not alone. Many homeowners are eager to make their homes look better. While there are other ways to achieve this goal, you should consider adding a chandelier to your home. These lighting fixtures are extravagant, beautiful, and classy. With one chandelier in your … Read more

Electrical Issues In Tacoma Washington Homes

Modern homes are packed with various electrical devices. It is not unusual for the modern home to have up to four televisions, computers, and cellphones. What do all these devices have in common? They all are powered by electricity. Unlike cellphones and laptop computers, televisions must be connected to an electrical source around the clock. … Read more