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Electrical Issues In Tacoma Washington Homes

Modern homes are packed with various electrical devices. It is not unusual for the modern home to have up to four televisions, computers, and cellphones. What do all these devices have in common? They all are powered by electricity. Unlike cellphones and laptop computers, televisions must be connected to an electrical source around the clock. Cellphones, laptops, and tablets, on the other hand, are integrated with a rechargeable battery. These devices offer a runtime of between two and 10 hours on each full charge. With this said, none of this would be possible with electricity. Knowing how your electrical system works, what makes your electrical system work, and how to keep your electrical system working is a must for every homeowner. Every component that makes up the electrical system will need to be replaced at some point. Inspect the electrical at least once a year to ensure it is working at its full potential. In the meantime, be on the lookout for broken electrical components, such as:
  • Damaged Light Switch – The exterior plate of a light switch is visible inside the home. This makes it easy to visually inspect the component from time to time. Unfortunately, the interior panel, with the most vital technologies is not visible from inside the home. Replace the device when the toggle switch becomes loose, the panel breaks, or it emits a burning odor.
  • Exposed Electrical Cable – Devices connect to the electrical system via an extension cord or cable. In some cases, it is impossible to protect an electrical cable from danger. Manufacturers utilize durable rubber or plastic material to protect the internal wiring. However, there is the possibility of damage due to mishaps.
  • Malfunctioning Light Fixtures – Do you ever ask yourself how long do light fixtures last? Well, the answer is not as simple as one may initially think. There are several factors that determine the service life of ceiling lights, floor lamps, sconces, bathroom vanity lights, garage lights, and landscape lighting. The first sign of a damaged light fixture is flickering.
  • Damaged Appliances – Modern homes can have dozens of small and large appliances. The washer, dryer, microwave, stove, range, heating & air conditioning unit, and ceiling fan are continuously connected to the electrical system. Humidifiers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, hand tools, and iPads are only temporarily connected to the electrical system. Damaged appliances will not turn on or cut on and off without an explanation.
  • Damaged Receptacles – A damaged outlet may be warm to touch, broken, or inoperable. Inspect each receptacle before and after each use. It is crucial to not overload receptacles. If there are only two outlets, only plug two devices, to avoid an electrical overload.
  • Damaged Circuit Breakers – The most common sign it is time to replace a circuit breaker is frequent tripping. However, when the circuit breaker completely malfunctions, it will not trip during an electrical overload.
Keep your electrical system maintained as best as possible. A routine inspection will help, but unfortunately, it is limited to only visual components.

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