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Electrical Services For Property Managers

Property managers have endless responsibilities that never go away. They are responsible for making tenants content by keeping all systems operating at maximum capacity. This is an ongoing responsibility that combines routine property inspections, repairs, and updates. Most property managers hire repairpersons to keep their properties in tip-top condition. Unfortunately, it is extremely rare for the repairperson to be licensed as an electrician. In this case, the property manager is forced to rely on third-party contractors to manage their electrical systems.

8 Benefits Of Hiring Alpha Electrician Tacoma

If your repairperson is not skilled in electricity, your best alternative is Alpha Electrician Tacoma. Our company employs sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology and professionally trained eyes to manage our property management clients’ electrical systems.

When we are in control of your electrical system, we will ensure it is up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We Offer Emergency Electrical Services

We understand it is possible to predict every electrical malfunction. Our emergency electrical service is ideal for shocks, flickering lights, arc faults, unusual buzzing noises, hot-to-touch light fixtures, and burning odors. All these signs point to a problem within the electrical system. If left unattended, the problem will result in a full-blown power outage.

We Prioritize Our Electrical Service Requests

We strive to provide our community members with consistently reliable electrical services. To ensure dangerous situations are eliminated quickly and safely, we prioritize service calls. For example, we receive two services calls, one is regarding a malfunctioning ceiling fan while the other is a burning odor in the main panel. Which of these electrical issues should be prioritized? The burning odor in the main electrical panel, which could be contributed to a damaged breaker, overload, or faulty electrical wire. The malfunctioning ceiling fan is most likely due for replacement, which is not considered an emergency issue.

We Write Quotes For Our Electrical Services

We understand the struggles of owning and operating one or more commercial properties. It is not only a lot of responsibility but also resource-draining. To ensure you get a fair deal, a competitive price, and the best electrical service, we offer free written quotes. We suggest comparing our quote with quotes from at least two electrician electricians. Remember, the lowest quote is not always the best deal.

Our electrical service prices are fair and competitive with other Tacoma, Washington electric service provides.

Our Electricians Are Trained, Skilled, And Experienced

Our electricians have completed special training and obtained an electrician license from the State of Washington. We believe in our electricians, which is why we back their work with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

We strive to deliver high-quality, reliable electrical services in a timely manner. Our electricians keep their work trucks stocked and ready to take your service calls 24 hours a day.

Our Electricians Are Professional And Knowledgeable

If you have ever dealt with an unprofessional service provider, you will appreciate our professionalism. Our electricians are easily identified by their uniforms, the logo on their work vans, and their name tags. They will greet you at the door and immediately make you feel comfortable before you invite them into your home.

We Stay In Touch Throughout The Service

Our electricians will keep you in the know throughout the process. We will contact you before any service is rendered to ensure you are fully prepared to move forward. If the electrician encounters a problem during the repairs or remodel, you will be the first to know about it. We want to ensure you feel confident in your decision to hire our company.

If you have any questions, you can reach us via email, landline, or social media. You will be alerted upon our arrival to your property. We will speak with the tenant before moving forward.

We Keep You Updated On Our Progress

We understand you have concerns about the condition of the electrical system in each of your rental properties. The lead electrician can be accessed throughout the process. We want to ensure you know every step needed to bring your properties up to code. We utilize innovative equipment to make the necessary repairs and updates to make this possible.

Our Invoices Are Accurate And Distributed Accordingly

We have a broad range of property management clients. We take pride in helping these professionals maintain their rental properties. There is no doubt, property managers have some of the most difficult jobs that never stop. Our goal is to ease your stress when it comes to your rental property portfolio.

Property Management Electrical System FAQs

Most handymen do not possess an electrician license, preventing them from legally installing, repairing, and renovating electrical systems. However, some retired electricians tend to work as handymen after retirement.

The electrical system poses many dangers for unskilled handymen. Even a housewife can repair a plumbing leak, but not a damaged circuit breaker.

Licensed electricians, electrical contractors, and electrical companies are your go-to services for all electrical problems. Our company is fully prepared to take on the electrical systems in your every rental property. Our electricians are trained in electrical repair, remodeling, and replacement services.

To learn more about our electrical services, reach out to our customer support team. We are accessible via social media, our official website, and landline. Our customer support is fully trained to answer your electrical questions and resolve any issues you may have over the phone.

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