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Here are the four primary reasons why people and offices contact our Olalla Electrician Team:

  1. Our experts find their way to your house to diagnose strictly the type of electrical service that is best for you and how exactly we can serve you
  2. We’ll execute a complimentary electrical safety inspection for us to determine whether other things have to be taken into account and rectified
  3. We’ll produce a clear-cut diagnosis of detected problems and the most effective interventions, coupled with a complimentary valuation
  4. We take pleasure in integrating credibility, transparency, and a persistent allegiance to superiority and to your approval in the manner we conduct our work

Our electrical brand that assists Olalla features the following detailed collection of electrical services in the region:

200 AMP Panel Upgrades : It is quite possible that the intervention you want is a panel upgrade to a 200 AMP panel. This consists of our interventions in shopping for wire, a meter box, grounding, and a circuit breaker panel. Supposing this is the help you desire, you can trust us to equally assist with that.

Free Electrical Estimate: We can’t highlight this enough – our session at your house to determine your requirement is free of charge. You get a zero-cost rate including an accurate outline of the added interventions.

Landscaping Lighting Service: Lighting can provide an amazing touch to your patio, front garden, or other outdoor space. When you require lighting set up outdoors, whether that needs a generator installation, or not, we are the best around for that job whether from the electrical or lighting design outlook.

Aluminum Wire Replacement : You get the most cost-effective manner to handle any aluminum wire replacements you desire.

Free Home Safety Inspection: Any time we implement a zero-cost electrical safety evaluation in your residence undertaken by our well-reputed electrical diagnosis professionals, we perform an electrical servicing procedure that will help us ascertain which problems can be identified and just how they must be fixed.

Lighting Installation Service : If you have a lighting routine put together by an architect or you need support, we have an all-inclusive lighting setup service willing to accommodate your demands. There’s no certain light installation need we can’t confront.

Ceiling Fan Installation A fan assembly is also among the electric services we bring to the table across the length and breadth of Olalla, WA. Get set to get a new ceiling fan installed and prepared to have your apartment chilled.

Panel Upgrades : For any panel maintenance requested within Olalla, WA, we can boast of the most competent electrician professionals awaiting your call.

Cloth Insulated – Wiring Replacement : Cloth-incorporated wires are ancient practices and risky. If you are going to have them changed with the latest electrical cables, you should reach out to us.

Generator Installation : We have the capacity to install a generator at your place and thus you can bank on a good option to take advantage of when you need it the most.

Renovation and Remodels: If you’re repairing or remodeling your residence, having your electric appliances revised and upgraded is a component of the approach, and you can trust our team of experts to do that work on your behalf.

GFI Electrical Outlets : Having Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFI Outlets) installed at your house is a smart move that will account for stronger defense for you and your family from a surge of electricity, fire, and lethal electric shock. That’s a new solution we’re happy to offer throughout Olalla.

Service Calls : Provided you’re in need of electrical assistance across the length and breadth of Olalla, whether it is to guarantee an emergency solution or to address a foundation and non-urgent situation, we’re regularly one one call away.

Grounding Electrical Service : This solution is of profound significance to the protection of your house and to address the integrity of your electrical appliance. Grounding solutions ensure that the power of your home is effectively and safely grounded which means that you are able to depend on smooth, secure, and consistent power supply.

Smoke Detector Installation: A smoke detector is a very significant instrument to have your residence or workplace safe and ready to signal an alarm and act if there’s a fire. That’s the reason we proudly provide smoke detector installation solutions in Olalla: so we can assist residences and offices stay safer and efficiently insulated from fires.

Electrical Troubleshooting : This is an essential aspect of our electrical diagnosis solutions within Olalla, WA.

Home Electric Safety Services : We are the electrician in Olalla, WA, families, and establishments need to handle any issue – such as for serious electric protection services.

Whole House Surge Protection  : Immediately we install surge protectors around your residence, you absolutely have no need to bother yourself about voltage spikes.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation : Are you seeking to have the correct sockets put in place to facilitate your EV charging expectations? We have the capacity to even implement a charger setup for you!

Home Rewires : Home rewiring is a renovation solution that generally entails upgrading every wire of your house, and always even undertaking electrical panel maintenance, in addition to employing our outlet setup solutions. If we get to know that wiring servicing fixes the problem, we will not upgrade a specific wire but preferably correct it.

Property Managers Electrical Services : In case you’re a property manager, we provide unique approaches for real estate management. Call us to find out more.

Electric Circuit Installation: We’re one of the brands within Olalla that can undertake a full electrical circuit installation at your place – from light switches to circuit breakers and an electric panel, we can assemble the full fixtures as soon as possible, often customized to your home needs.

Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement : Supposing your home still has a knob and tube wiring set-up, our electrical contractors can get a new one and upgrade it for you.

We are your one-stop shop: we’re the electrician around Olalla you’re looking for!

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Our Olalla electricians are seasoned experts working in a completely licensed and insured way. Being a locally owned and operated firm, we are committed to being the most competent and adhering to the best requirements within our sector on all the electrical tasks we take on.


Due to the fact that we are Registered Electrical Contractors in Olalla who know that clients are the soul of our company, our electrical professionals diligently give their all to match up with every customer’s individualized demands – in domestic and commercial situations across the length and breadth of Olalla, Washington.

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Our native company that puts its best to help with electrical upgrades of the highest quality within Olalla offers outstanding services to offer you zero worries.

Property Management And Business Interventions:

Commercial locations and property management businesses require regular upgrades of electrical units, which is why our Olalla electrician team offers custom packages for firms throughout Olalla, WA.

Zero-Cost Quote And Value-For-Money:

Any time you want electrical upgrades for office and domestic premises, and you are unwilling to get in touch with the electrician in your neighborhood due to the fact that you’re bothered about impending exorbitant rates of nearby electricians, you should be well advised that we provide very reasonably priced solutions. Speak to us to schedule a visit and receive a complimentary quote for the intervention you expect to have – with zero obligation on your part.

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Olalla is a small unincorporated community in Kitsap County, Washington, United States. It is located on Colvos Passage on Puget Sound, just north of the Pierce County county line. Olalla used to be as large as Port Orchard, the county seat of Kitsap County. Olalla was settled in its early years by a large number of Norwegian and other Scandinavian immigrants because of its similarities to their native countries. Noted as early as the 1860s Olalla developed a commerce center by way of its good sea water access. The “old town” port located by the Olalla lagoon was made up of many business buildings, most on piers. Shipping and the mosquito fleet (ferrying system at that time) was very busy moving materials, goods and people.

Olalla’s name is the Salishan and Chinook Jargon word for “berry” or “berries” (usually olallie or ollalie in most lexicons of the jargon).

By the end of the 19th century, the cutting down of all old-growth forest was well on its way out. Olalla was no exception. The land was stripped clean leaving a barren landscape. This created an opportunity for farming as dynamiting stump and clearing the land became a standard operation. With European immigration fueling the growth spurt, new commerce came by growing strawberries and vegetables. Olalla being a port of commerce flourished as the logging, farming and boat building were king.

Olalla was served by many steamship, including the Virginia V which is the last operational example of a Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet steamer. She was built along the shores just south of Olalla near Maplewood. She was once part of a large fleet of small passenger and freight carrying ships that linked the islands and ports of Puget Sound in Washington state in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. On 21 October 1934, a severe Pacific storm swept through the Puget Sound. Virginia V was attempting to dock at Olalla, when the brunt of the storm hit. The powerful winds pushed the ship against the dock as the waves pounded the ship into the pilings. The result was the near destruction of the upper decks.

All is gone now. Since the Narrows Bridge was built, Olalla has enjoyed a quiet rural setting while being converted into a residential community for commuters to nearby cities and towns. Al’s Grocery Store is the only old structure left by the lagoon and the locals hold it dear to their hearts. On the way up hill along the Olalla Valley Road from the lagoon, the Olalla Bible Church and the Olalla Community Club stand. The OCC was built around 1906 by the Modern Woodsman of America and in 1937 they deeded the structure to the community. The OCC was incorporated and chartered to serve the community. It is a rare treasure passed on by generations of Olalla families. Olalla Community Club Its mission is to support the citizen, organizations and maintain the building for social and civic needs. Over the decades, several renovations have taken place. In 1976, the OCC created its non-profit status and in September 2007 a new metal roof was installed. The current president is Marty Kellogg. Next to the OCC is the Olalla Bible Church, built around 1910. Together they represent some of the oldest and largest historic buildings still in working order in South Kitsap. Throughout Olalla’s history, the strong sense of community has played out in various forms of a community celebrations. Most notable was the Strawberry Festivals in the 60’s and beginning in 1991, a 25-year run with the Olalla Bluegrass Festival. Currently, the name has changed to the Olalla Americana Festival to support a wider genre of music.

Olalla has some small claim to fame as the location of an early 20th-century health retreat (Sanitarium) called Wilderness Heights a.k.a. “Starvation Heights”. The sanitarium was owned and operated by Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard. Hazzard’s practice of starvation to cure one’s ills resulted in the death of a visiting English heiress in 1911, and the conviction of Hazzard for her murder. The original bathtub where Hazzard performed autopsies is still in the house, which has a family residing there.

Olalla author Gregg Olsen wrote about Starvation Heights in his award-winning book of the same name.

In addition to that, Gregg Olsen has recently acquired Al’s, after its shutdown during the covid pandemic, Gregg Olsen has since then allowed Kona Ice, a small shaved ice company to operate there every saturday. He also has plans to re-open it in June.

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