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Garfield Park  

Garfield Park’s median real estate price is $779,131, which is more expensive than 72.4% of the neighborhoods in Washington and 86.5% of the areas in the U.S.

Based on the complete analysis, the average rental price in Garfield Park is currently $1,705. Rents here are currently lower in price than in 77.4% of Washington neighborhoods.

Garfield Park is an urban neighborhood (based on population density) located in Tacoma, Washington. This is a coastal neighborhood (i.e., it is on the ocean, a bay, or an inlet).

Garfield Park real estate comprises small (studio to two bedroom) to medium-sized (three or four bedroom) apartment complexes/high-rise apartments and single-family homes. A mixture of owners and renters occupies most residential real estate. Many of the Garfield Park neighborhood residences are relatively historic, built no later than 1939 and quite a bit earlier in some cases. Several homes were also built between 1970 and 1999.

Real estate vacancies in Garfield Park are 3.7%, which is lower than one will find in 77.7% of American neighborhoods. Demand for real estate in Garfield Park is above average for the U.S. It may signal some demand for either price increases or new construction of residential products for this neighborhood. Alpha Electrician Tacoma

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The Garfield Park neighborhood stands out nationally for its sheer concentration of historic residences: 56.5% of the residential real estate here was built from 1939 or earlier, some much earlier. This is a greater concentration of historic homes than 95.3% of the neighborhoods in the United States.


One of the fascinating characteristics of this Tacoma neighborhood is that, according to exclusive research, it is an excellent choice in which to reside for college students. Due to its popularity among college students who already choose to live here, its walkability, and its above-average safety from crime, the neighborhood is ideal for prospective or already-enrolled college students. Between semesters and during school breaks, you’ll notice that the excitement here fluctuates with the college seasons. Despite the enthusiasm, however, parents of college-age children can rest easy knowing that this neighborhood has an above-average safety rating. For these reasons, the neighborhood is rated among the top 4.7% of college-friendly places in the state of Washington.


In the Garfield Park neighborhood in Tacoma, WA, residents commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as German (24.6%). There are also several people of Irish ancestry (23.0%) and residents who report English roots (15.6%), and some of the residents are also of Italian origin (10.3%), along with some Norwegian ancestry residents (5.1%), among others.

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