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Generator Installations

You never know when you’re going to experience an outage in your area. It might be caused by a storm in your area. Alternatively, someone might’ve hit a power pole. It is wise to prepare for such issues. Otherwise, there is a risk that your food items are going to spoil. Plus, a power outage could put your health at risk. Let us protect you by installing an emergency generator in your home!

Installation & Maintenance Of Generators

We’ve been helping Tacoma, Washington residents deal with power outages for many years. We offer generator installation services to businesses and consumers. When you’re ready to install a new generator on your property, call our office. We’re ready to help. We can help you find the perfect generator for your unique needs. Plus, we strive to provide our clients with affordable, outstanding generator installation services.

We’ll have to follow certain steps to guarantee your satisfaction. We’ll walk you through the procedure so you’ll know what to expect. The steps we’ll follow can be found below.

Examination – First, we’ll have to perform a thorough examination of your property. We need to know how big your home is and how much electricity you use. It is vital to get the perfect generator depending on your energy usage. If we pick an insufficient generator, it won’t keep all your appliances running when the power goes out. We’ll consult with you during this process to ensure that your budget is accommodated.

Installing – After we’ve picked the right generator for your home, we’ll begin installing it. We’ll work slowly and precisely to ensure that it gets done correctly. We’ll have to install a concrete pad to ensure that your generator has a safe platform. The generator will be secured to the pad. Then, the generator installation process will begin.

Installing The Transfer Switch – Finally, we’ll have to set up the transfer switch. When a power outage occurs, you’ll need to switch from conventional power to the power produced by your generator. You can use a manual or automatic system. If you pick a manual transfer switch, you’ll have to switch to the generator when your power goes out.

Once you’ve experienced a power outage, it is too late to install a generator. Therefore, you should work diligently to prepare for such issues. You’ll also need to take steps to properly maintain your generator to ensure it works flawlessly throughout the year. Annual maintenance will prove to be vital.

Don’t get caught without electricity. Call Alpha Electrician Tacoma to get your new generator installed within weeks.

Installation Of Generators FAQs

It will take a few weeks to install your generator. Once you’ve agreed to use our services, we’ll have to get a permit with the proper agency. Then, your meter must be upgraded. Once this happens, we can begin installing your generator.

Some people need generators more than others. If you reside in an area that experiences a lot of power outages throughout the year, it is a good idea to buy a standby generator. It’ll help you prepare for power outages caused by storms, wrecks, and heatwaves.

To install a standby generator, you’ll need a permit, a concrete pad, and more. We can help with everything.

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