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GFI Electrical Outlets

As a homeowner in modern society, it is pertinent for consumers to use GFI outlets. A correctly installed GFCI outlet could save your life by preventing an electrical fire. Furthermore, it could help prevent accidental electrical shocks. The outlet will shut off electricity to help you avoid potential issues. While it is a good idea to use ground fault circuit interrupters, they’re also required. The National Electric Code in America requires them to be installed in certain places, including pools, kitchens, bathrooms, and garages.

It is pertinent to learn more about the codes in your area. Otherwise, your property will not pass the housing inspection. A GFI will help determine when the current used by an appliance is not flowing properly. Once it detects that something is wrong, it will immediately turn off the power. Since this happens in seconds, it could make the difference between experiencing a fire and not. It is easy to identify GFCI outlets because they have different appearances.

The outlet will have two buttons in the middle. One allows you to test the system while the other resets it. It is a good idea to test your GFCI outlet’s system regularly. Once you’ve tested it, you’ll have to press the reset button. After that, you can begin using the GFCI outlet again. Although they can be installed elsewhere, it is a good idea to make sure that your garage, kitchen, bathrooms, and outdoor areas have GFCI outlets. If you’re ready to install new outlets, call us. We can take care of it for you right away.

FAQs – GFCI Outlets

A GFI outlet includes a ground fault circuit interrupter. As a result, it can quickly shut off the electricity when something goes awry. It can help protect you from electrical shocks and fires.

In general, these outlets should be installed in areas that experience moisture issues. Install GFI outlets in kitchens and bathrooms.

These outlets will analyze the current being inputted and outputted. If it detects a difference, it means something is wrong. The current may be leaking out somewhere. Therefore, the GFCI will cut the power to prevent shocks and hazards.


If you can’t reset your GFI outlet, it might need to be reset. However, it could be a minor issue too.

A ground fault happens when your hot wire touches the nearby ground wire. It can happen at electrical switches, outlets, junction boxes, and more. Ground faults will cause your breaker to trip or blow. Fix the problem by calling us.

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