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House Rewire

In some situations, our technicians may decide that your house needs to be rewired. Although this isn’t a common occurrence, it happens. Therefore, you should be ready for anything. If we agree that your house needs to be rewired, there is a good reason for it. Your old electrical system might have cloth insulation or aluminum wiring. Both can lead to major problems. It is best to get rid of these problems before they cause an electrical fire.

We’ll carefully inspect your home to find out what needs to happen. Alpha Electrician Tacoma is always here to help you. Call us so we can learn more about your home’s electrical system today.

Why Does A Home Need To Be Rewired?

The good news is that most homes do not need to be rewired. However, it is pertinent in certain situations. For starters, there is a risk that your home was built before the 1950s. If so, you might have wires that no longer meet safety standards. Cloth-covered wiring fits into this category. Although it was regularly used back then, it is not today. In fact, it has been found that this type of wiring can be dangerous. The cloth will eventually degrade and fall away from the wire. Then, there is a risk that you’re going to experience an electrical fire.

In addition to this, you may need to upgrade your main panel. The older panel in your home may not be adequate. Plus, an older panel might remain operational when your system experiences a leak or overload. Thankfully, we can help you resolve both issues. We offer comprehensive repairs and installations to deal with a variety of electrical issues.

Does My Home Need Rewired?

You may find that your home needs to be rewired. If this happens, you’ll want to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. Otherwise, there is a risk that you’ll encounter a fire. Rewiring a home can be dangerous and complex. Therefore, it is wise to let a professional handle it for you. We’re here to help. Our technicians are licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable. They can get the job done swiftly and safely. Although this is mostly needed for older homes, a new home might need to be rewired or partially rewired.

It depends on the circumstances. For instance, you might decide to add a new appliance to your home. Unfortunately, your current electrical system can’t handle it. We can partially rewire your home to make up for the new appliance. Below, you’ll find advice for when to rewire your electrical system.

  • Your home will need to be rewired if it was wired before the 50s and has cloth-insulated wires.
  • Homes built before 1935 might have knob and tube wiring. In this situation, the home should be rewired.
  • Homes with aluminum wiring should be rewired. Aluminum wiring was regularly used in the 60s and 70s.
  • Some homes have electrical systems that are not properly grounded. Grounding is important because it reduces the likelihood of fires and shocks.
  • If your home’s current electrical system isn’t enough, you may need a rewire or partial rewire.
  • Have you been using extension cords regularly? If so, you might need to rewire your home to add more power.
  • When your home’s main panel is deemed unsafe, it should be replaced. Rewiring may be required.

How Do I Know If My Home Needs To Be Rewired?

There are several ways to determine when your home needs to be rewired. In some cases, you’ll have to open the walls. Thankfully, there are ways to find out without having to open your walls. Try using the tips below.

  • Take notice of weird smells. If you notice a burning sound, it could have something to do with your electrical system.
  • When you feel your outlets and switches, they’re hot to the touch.
  • You’ve used many surge protectors and extension cords.
  • Your breakers are tripping too frequently.

What To Know About Deteriorating Wiring

As your wires deteriorate, problems are going to occur. You have to do something about this as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it is estimated that more than 67,000 fires are linked to electrical fires every year. These fires led to 485 deaths in the United States and more than $860 million in property damage. Deal with this issue before you regret it.

Figuring Out What Wiring You Have

Finally, you should find out what type of wiring you have. It is a good idea to compare your wiring to pictures online. If you have cloth-insulated or aluminum wiring, call our office so we can deal with it.

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