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Humming Noise From Electrical Panel

Have you noticed an unusual noise coming from your electrical panel? Unfortunately, there could be something wrong. If so, you’ll want to deal with the issue promptly. Otherwise, the problem could lead to a house fire or an electrical shock. Today, electrical systems should be efficient and quiet. The electrical panel is responsible for dispersing the electricity to the outlets and switches throughout your home. Suffice to say, a humming noise coming from your panel could be a sign of serious trouble. Use the guide below to find out what has gone wrong.

Light Buzzing

Have you noticed a slight buzzing noise from your electrical panel? Does it sound like a faint buzz? While it doesn’t keep you up at night, you’re worried it could be something bad. In many cases, this won’t be a big issue. Most electrical panels will create some noise. You may hear a buzzing noise as the electricity flows through the electrical panel and out to your outlets. If it gets louder or begins ticking, it is wise to hire a professional.

Louder Humming

Can the humming be heard from another room? As it gets louder, the risks involved are higher. Furthermore, you may notice other strange noises too. The panel might begin producing clicking, sparking, and sizzling sounds. Once this happens, there is a risk that something is wrong with your circuit breaker. Although it could be other issues, it might be a loose or frayed wire.

Loud, Nonstop Buzzing

As the problem worsens, you’re going to hear a louder buzzing sound that doesn’t stop. Unfortunately, this can be frustrating because the sound won’t stop. Again, the sound could be caused by other issues. However, it is most often caused by beakers that aren’t tripping properly. The breaker might be bad. When your home experiences a power surge, the breaker should trip to protect you and your electrical system. Circuit breakers can go bad after many years of use. It could be a faulty panel too. If the noise is impossible to ignore, you shouldn’t ignore it. Call our office so we can figure out what is going on.

It Might Be Normal

Ultimately, you may find that the buzzing noise is normal. Sometimes it is, but it might not be. Therefore, you need to work with a qualified professional. Doing so is the best way to identify the source of the problem if there is one. It is common for a buzzing noise to be heard when your air conditioner turns on. Once the AC is operating correctly, the buzzing should stop. If it doesn’t, it could be a bigger issue. Remember that it is dangerous to tinker with electrical issues on your own. We recommend hiring us to fix it.

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