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Knob And Tube Wiring Replacement

Knob and tube electrical wiring dates back to 1880. It was not until 1935 that there was enough evidence to determine the electrical system should no longer be used. Knob and tube electrical wiring utilizes ceramic knobs and tubes to direct wiring in specific directions. In many cases, knob and tube wiring was installed like an electrical grid. It is easy to determine if your home has this type of electrical system. Access your attic to find part of your electrical system. Utilizing a flashlight look for white ceramic tubes and knobs with electrical wiring.

Knob and tube electrical wiring poses fire, power surge, and shock risks. Alpha Electrician Tacoma electricians recommend placing knob and tube electrical system with the latest technology. Doing so will bring your home’s electrical system up to code.

Lenders will not approve mortgages for homes with knob and tube wiring. Once the electrical system is replaced, you can submit your home loan application to your lender.

Knob And Tube Electrical Wiring Replacement FAQs

No, electricians are very familiar with the dangers of knob and tube electrical wiring. It has been associated with electric shock, power surges, and fires. Knob and tube wiring is rarely grounded, making it even more dangerous for the home’s occupants and connected devices.


Yes, knob and tube wiring cannot possibly keep up with the electricity needs of modern homes. The outdated electrical system cannot provide consistent, sufficient power to ensure maximum functionality of the latest electronic devices and appliances.

Most modern homes are installed with a variety of electricity-powered devices connected to the electrical system at the same time. In addition to these devices, the modern home may have a mesh network of smart devices.


Yes, when insulation makes contact with exposed knob and tube wiring, it can cause a spark. The spark may result in a house fire.


No, lenders refuse to approve mortgages on homes with an outdated electrical system. It is impossible to get insurance coverage for a home with a knob and tube electrical system. To get approved for a home loan, it must be replaced with a modern electrical system.


Home the electrical system thoroughly inspected to determine what kind of condition it is in. Our electricians will help you determine the best replacement strategy.

The total cost will depend on several factors – the size of the home, condition of the home, location of the home, and the electrical system replacement strategy. Do not hesitate to reach out to our local Tacoma, Washington office to learn more about our residential rewiring. We offer free home inspections, with a free written quote.

We will dispatch an electrician to your home within 24 or 48 hours of the initial service request.

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