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New Circuits

Right now, your home might have enough power. However, you must realize that your needs could change in the near future. At some point, you may decide to add a baby to your family. To accommodate your new child, you’ll also need to create a new bedroom for them. When this happens, you’ll likely need to add new circuits to your home’s breaker box. Doing so will guarantee that your electrical system can accommodate the new demand.

Typically, homes are equipped with electrical panels that cater to their existing needs. They usually have a little extra power for expansions. In some cases, you’ll be able to add one or two new circuits to match your growing needs. However, there is always a chance that this isn’t going to be enough. You should never exceed the safety limits because doing so could lead to residential fires and more problems.

Before adding new circuits to your system, it is a good idea to check your current system. You should let a professional electrician inspect your electrical system. Once they’ve done that, they’ll know what can be done to safely increase your home’s electricity capacity. If you’re going to do one of the following, you might want to increase your circuits.

  • You’re preparing to decorate with lots of holiday lights and decorations. Holiday displays are one of the main reasons people upgrade circuits.
  • Installing an EV charger at home means you’ll need a new 240-volt or 120-volt circuit.
  • If you wish to install a hot tub at home, you’re going to need a new circuit. Your current system likely won’t keep up with the hot tub’s energy demands.
  • Are you preparing to install a new room in your home? If so, you’ll also have to increase your home’s energy capacity. Adding a few new circuits to your home is recommended. Call our office to learn more about our services.

You’re likely wondering whether you need to add a new circuit to your home. It can be difficult for ordinary consumers to have this issue on their own. Therefore, you shouldn’t. Instead, you should contact the experts at Alpha Electrician Tacoma. Our technicians are ready and willing to help you. We can help! We’ll offer comprehensive circuit services to meet and exceed your expectations.

We are always honest with our clients. Plus, we offer transparent prices. We think you’ll be happy with our circuit installation services. Call us right now to learn more about these services.

FAQs Installing New Electrical Circuits

Installing a circuit can be difficult since you’ll have to open a new hole in the panel. Once you’ve done that, you should have ample space for your new circuit. Remember that your power will need to be turned off throughout the installation procedure. Therefore, it is best to get it done during the day.


You might need a dedicated electrical circuit, but it depends on your unique needs. In some cases, one appliance will require a dedicated circuit. Some do while others do not. We’re here to help. Our technicians can help you find out which appliances need a dedicated circuit in your home. We’ll get it installed for you right away.


You may have an electrical sub panel as well. You’ll find that it is the middle point for the branch circuits and your service panel. It is commonly called a breaker sub-panel.


The home run is the cable that connects your home’s first electrical switch or outlet to the primary circuit breaker.

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