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Panel Upgrades

At some point, you may decide that you need to upgrade or replace your existing service panel. It is one of the most important components of your electrical system since it controls the power going to your home. The panel is responsible for taking the power from the utility company and delivering it to the outlets and switching in your home.

When you open your electrical panel, you’re going to find that circuit breakers help control the electricity’s flow. If too much power flows in, there is a good chance that your breaker will trip. Ultimately, this helps reduce the likelihood that wires are going to melt or catch fire.

Once you’ve confirmed that you have an outdated electrical panel, it is a good idea to fix this problem. Call our office. Alpha Electrician Tacoma can upgrade existing service panels for Tacoma, Washington clients.

Learning About Electrical Panels

Whether you’re a renter or homeowner, you should learn more about electrical panels. All residential structures have one. The electrical panel is the base of the system. If it was a tree, it would be the trunk. As for the breakers, they would be branches. The power company is going to send electricity to your breaker box or electrical panel. Once it reaches the panel, your electrical panel is going to send electricity to your outlets, appliances, and switches. The panel is immensely important because it helps ensure that the right amount of electricity is sent to each device.

If too much electricity is delivered, there is a good chance that it could lead to immense problems such as melted wires and fires. In addition to this, there will be a higher risk that you’re going to touch a wire and get shocked. Suffice to say, you need to make sure that your electric panel is operating properly. Since the panel controls the amount of electricity sent, it prevents these problems from occurring.

For instance, it will cause the breaker to trip when too much electricity flows through. Alternatively, it may cause a fuse to blow. Regardless, it is vital to make sure that your breaker box is up to par.  If something goes wrong with it, there is a risk that you’re going to encounter serious problems. Your panel needs to be big enough to satisfy your current energy needs. If you’re going to add a new appliance, air conditioner, or hot tub, you’ll likely need to upgrade your electrical panel. It is common for electrical panels to be called fuse boxes, breaker boxes, circuit breaker panels, and service panels.

What To Know When Upgrading

Do you need to upgrade your electrical panel? Ultimately, it depends on the current circumstances. Some homeowners will be fine with their existing systems. There are two primary reasons to take advantage of our panel upgrade services. For instance, your panel might be too small. If this is the case, it isn’t meeting your current energy needs. Alternatively, the panel could be unsafe.

Today, the average home is far different than it was ten or twenty years ago. More electricity is needed since people are charging cars and using hot tubs at home.

When You’ll Need A Panel Upgrade

You might need to upgrade your electrical panel. It depends on what is happened. If you’re replacing an appliance or buying a new one, you might not need to upgrade. When making a major upgrade, it is a good idea to consult with a professional electrician. Doing so can help determine whether you need to upgrade your electrical panel. Below, you’ll find a list of situations that usually require you to upgrade your electrical panel.

  • Your breakers keep popping when you turn on one of your appliances
  • Your breakers are tripping too often
  • You’d like to install a new electrical vehicle charger at home
  • Your lights are starting to flicker regularly
  • Although you’ve reset the breaker, it doesn’t resolve the problem
  • You’ve bought an older home
  • You can’t get enough power with your existing system
  • You’re completing a remodeling project

When you encounter one of these situations, call our office to learn more about our panel upgrade services.

Could My Panel Be Too Small?

Ultimately, your electrical panel might be too small. Whether you’re adding a new appliance or building a new room, you might have to upgrade. If you’re going to do one of the following, call us.

  • You’re going to add an EV charger to your home
  • You’re installing an HVAC unit
  • You want a new hot tub, pool, or spa
  • Your kitchen is being renovated
  • You’re building a new room
  • You need a new home office
  • You’re upgrading to a new refrigerator
  • Your house’s system isn’t cutting it
  • Your breaks tend to trip too often

Could My Panel Be Unsafe?

Your electrical panel might be unsafe. It could be outdated. Alternatively, it might not be able to handle your home’s electrical needs. Once this happens, you’ll have to do something to rectify the problem. Otherwise, the risks are going to be incredibly high. An unsafe electrical panel could lead to shocks and fires. Call our office to begin resolving this issue immediately.

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