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Residential Restoration

As a homeowner, you need to worry about potential electrical problems. Unfortunately, issues will occur more often than you could ever imagine. When they do, it is best to hire a professional to resolve the problem swiftly. Remember that we’re here to assist you. We’ve been providing residential clients with restoration services for many years. We’re positive that we can cover all your residential restoration needs.

There are numerous aspects to make for a successful restoration. If you fail to plan in one category, there is a risk that your project will fail. It is best to work with a professional because they’ve done this numerous times. We’ve got your back. We can handle restoration projects on residential buildings. Plus, we’re going to handle every aspect of the project. We can help schedule the repairs, pay the contracts, and ensure everything gets done on time.

Before the restoration begins, we’ll inspect the home and find out what needs to be done. We’ll discuss the client’s options with them. After that, we’ll begin working to plan and find a way to restore each aspect of the structure.

Optional Electricity System Upgrades

During the restoration project, you may decide to make a few optional upgrades. We can accommodate your wishes. Whether you want to install a new lighting system, upgrade your breaker panel, or do something else, you can guarantee that we’ll be able to help you. We often help our clients with these updates. We’ll closely work with the client to guarantee their satisfaction. Plus, we’ll do our best to ensure that the upgrades are carried out conveniently.

When preparing for a renovation or restoration, call our office. We’ll learn more about your current system and future needs. Once we’ve done that, we’ll help you determine whether you need wiring or breaker panel upgrades. If upgrades are needed, we’ll develop a plan to ensure that they can be completed swiftly and conveniently. Alpha Electrician Tacoma is skilled and ready to begin working hard for you.

FAQs Residential Restorations

Remember that older homes tend to have outdated electrical wires and breaker boxes. Therefore, it is essential to upgrade these things as quickly as possible. If your home contains cloth-insulated wires, they should be replaced. The cloth will eventually fall apart and separate from the wire. Before long, this will cause a fire. Let us upgrade your wires for you.


Does your home have aluminum wires? If so, they should be replaced promptly. Aluminum tends to increase the risk of electrical fires. It was commonly used in the 60s and 70s. Today, there are better options. We recommend replacing your aluminum wires to protect your family and home.

Panels from these brands were used from 1950 to 1975. Unfortunately, they’re unsafe and unreliable. Therefore, it is best to have them replaced. If you don’t, you may experience a fire before you know it. Call us so our technicians can help you.

If your electrical demand has increased, your property restoration should upgrade your electrical system. Make sure that your new electrical system can easily keep up with the increased demand. Otherwise, you’ll experience regularly tripped browsers and a higher fire risk.

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