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Signs Of Electrical Problems In Homes In Tacoma, Washington

There is nothing more serious than problems within a residential electrical system. The risk of serious injury, death and a shortened lifespan of appliances are extremely high due to electrical shock and power surges. While it is impossible to avoid all these risks, with the right maintenance strategy, most can be avoided. Most electrical systems found in residential settings operate around the clock. So, something is bound to happen at some point. The electrical system is comprised of some very important components. If these components are not in tip-top shape, flickering lights, buzzing sounds, and burning odors will be noted. In the beginning, these signs will be rare, but as time goes on, they will become more frequent. Knowing the signs that point to a problem within your electrical system is key to keeping your family and home safe. Every homeowner should start with the ins and outs of their electrical system before moving forward. With this data in mind, you can apply it to any issues that may arise in the future.

Unexplained Burning Odors

The mere scent of something burning is a sure sign something is not right with your home’s electrical system. There are several factors that can contribute to the burning smell. A damaged receptacle or outlet, light switch, or electrical cable is a serious sign of things to come. It is crucial to bring attention to the burning odor without delay. Do not mistake this burning odor for new appliances, a fresh coat of paint, or a new electrical outlet. An electrical burning odor is not associated with new appliances or receptacles.

Intermittent Flickering Lights

A very common sign of an electrical issue is intermittent flickering lights. The lights will flicker on and off a few times before the entire electrical system malfunctions or recovers. Whatever the case may be, the problem will not go away.

Strange Buzzing Noises

An odd buzzing sound emitting from a receptacle, light switch, light fixture, or connected devices is another sign of an electrical issue. The buzzing sound will not go away like the flickering lights. Since the buzzing noise will not go away, it is recommended to reach out to our customer support team in Tacoma, Washington.

Damaged Electrical Wiring

If you happen to be in your attic, it is a good idea to take the opportunity to inspect the electrical wiring, running above the ceiling. Electrical wiring is installed in the attic to keep it hidden from view and offer easy access to each room in the home. Damaged electrical wiring could be a sign of rats, mice, and other rodents. A rodent is an animal, with front teeth that continuously grow. The urge to gnaw is too powerful to ignore, regardless of where the animal is located. Rodents are not aware of shock risks linked to gnawing on electrical wiring.

Receptacles Warm To Touch

It is difficult to ignore a receptacle or light switch, with an abnormally warm surface. All exposed components of the electrical system should be cool to touch. When the surface temperature increases, it will be noticeable during an inspection. This may be a sign the device needs to be replaced or something more serious inside the electrical system.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

Circuit breakers work by protecting the electrical system from power surges and overloads. A fault within the electrical system should cause the circuit breaker to trip. While this is a good sign because it means the circuit breaker is working properly, it could also mean there is something abnormal going on with the electrical system.

Low-Quality Electrical Devices

Consumers look for the best deal on appliances, electronic devices, light fixtures, trash compactors, heating & air conditioning units, and vacuum cleaners. Unfortunately, low prices do not always mean the best deal. Low-quality, cheap electrical devices are prone to malfunctions. Over time, the cheaply made device will burn out, causing a short in the electrical system.

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