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Tesla Wall Connector Gen 2 Vs Gen 3

Gen @ and Gen 3 Tesla ChargerHave you been lucky enough to purchase a brand-new or gently used Tesla EV? You’re lucky, but you have a few things to worry about. Remember that your Tesla electric vehicle isn’t going to charge itself. While you can always stop at a nearby charging station, it is a good idea to charge your vehicle at home too. Before you can do this, you’ll have to purchase and install a Tesla wall charger. Which one is right for you? Should you choose the Tesla Wall Connector Gen 2 or Gen 3? Continue reading the guide below to learn more about the differences.

Primary Differences

To determine which model is right for you, read about the difference between them.

What They Look Like

When you look at these chargers, you’ll find that they’re much different. The Gen 3 charger is sleeker because it has a front display made of glass. It also has a white background. You’ll see the Tesla brand name written across the wrong. Although the Gen 2 charger works well, its appearance isn’t as nice. Instead, it has a plastic cover that is either black or silver.

Power Requirements

One thing to note is that the Gen 2 charger is more powerful because it constantly delivers 80 amps of power. As for the Gen 3 charger, it has a maximum delivery of 48 amps. Nevertheless, there is a major difference here. While this sounds great, you must remember that electric vehicles can only charge at 48 amps. Therefore, the extra amps won’t help. There might come a time when EVs can charge at higher amperages though. Since the Tesla Gen 2 charger uses more amps, it is going to be more likely to experience sparking and overheating issues.

Length Of The Cable

If you need a longer cable, you’ll want to purchase the Gen 2 charger. It will provide you with 24 feet of cable. If you don’t need extra space, you’ll likely be okay with the Gen 3 charger. Just remember that the latter only offers 18 feet. If you have to park away from a wall, you might need a longer cable. Pick the Gen 2 charger.

Cable Thickness

A thicker cable can be beneficial since you’ll know it is going to be tough and durable. However, it will also be harder to deal with it. The Gen 2 charger has a much longer and thicker cable. If you’re looking for added convenience, pick the Gen 3 charger. Its cable is thinner and slightly sorter. Since it weighs less, you can move the cable around easier.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

You might want a smart EV charger. A smart charger can provide certain benefits. Since it is Wi-Fi compatibility, it’ll deliver added convenience and peace of mind. If this is something that interests you, it is a good idea to stick with the Gen 3 charger because the Gen 2 model is not Wi-Fi enabled.

Sharing The Load

Load sharing can be helpful. While both offer this feature, the Gen 3 is significantly better in this category. The Gen 2 model can only share the load with four connected units. As for the Gen 3 model, it can share the load between 16 devices without wires.


You may suspect that the Gen 3 charger is going to be more expensive, but it isn’t. Both cost roughly $500.

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