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Washington State History Museum

The Washington State Historical Society is a non-profit membership organization open to individuals, families, or firms in Tacoma, Washington. The Society is also recognized in statute as a trustee agency of the state of Washington with enumerated powers.

The Washington State Historical Society is headquartered in Tacoma on the traditional lands of the Puyallup People, who have stewarded this land throughout the generations. We pay respect to their elders, past and present.

Founded in 1891 and now into its second century of service, the Washington State Historical Society is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and vividly presenting Washington’s rich and storied history. The Historical Society offers various services to researchers, historians, scholars, and lifelong learners and operates the State History Research Center and the Washington State History Museum.

The Historical Society is governed by a Board of Trustees, which includes seven public officials (the Governor, Secretary of State, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and four State Legislators) who serve ex officio. Trustees (excepting statewide elected officials) are limited to three three-year terms; the officers (President, Vice Presidents for western and eastern Washington, and the Treasurer) are limited to two three-year terms. The director is appointed by and serves at the board’s pleasure and functions as the corporate secretary. Alpha Electrician Tacoma


Spindle & Whorl

Spindle and whorl, Northwest Coast culture area / Coast Salish (?), 1890-1930. Both are carved of brown wood with straight grain. The spindle is long and round in cross-section with a tapered point at one end and a wider area at the center of the low whorl and just above the whorl. The spindle is round and flat, with a hole in the center.


D-adze, southern Northwest Coast culture area / Quinault (?) / western Washington, ca. 1980? Handmade and carved of light brown wood. The blade is made of a file made of silver-tone metal and fits into an indented place on the side of the handle. It is held in place with gray-brown twine. The other end of the handle is curved. On the curve is the carving of a bear with a large head, pointed ears, and four legs. The area is pierced around the legs and head.

Mat Creaser

Mat creaser, southern Northwest Coast culture area / Puget Sound Salish, late 19th century-early 20th century? Handmade and carved of brown wood with an even grain extending across surfaces. The base is slightly curved and has a groove at the center. Sides extend up and out to tapered and flat ends wa with snout forms. The bills extend to point one on each. Each has a point on the bottom just before the neck curve. The top point has a flattened end. The entire interior has a sizeable near-square handle carved into the top and used for creasing cattail mats.

Address: 1911 Pacific Avenue Tacoma, WA

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