Whole House Surge Protectors

Every property owner should know the ins and outs of their electrical system. This is the heart of every home and business in the modern world. The electrical system is comprised of the main panel. The panel is generally located on the exterior wall of a residential building and in a designated area of a commercial building. The electrical panel houses the circuit breakers and wiring connections from the mainline and throughout the property.

Surge Protection – What Is It?

Surge protection is exactly as its name entails. It is the process of protecting devices connected to an electrical system from damage caused by power surges. A whole-house surge protector adds a layer of surge protection to all the connected devices. An independent surge protector adds surge protection to one or two devices, such as a desktop computer.

It is crucial to protect your appliances and electronic devices from power surges. When the surges become more frequent, your connected devices will sustain significant damage and eventually permanent damage.

Surge Protection For Homes FAQs

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